BBA Blogs

  • Beyond the Billable

    Beyond the Billable is the Public Service Blog of the Boston Bar Association. Here you will find everything you need to know about the BBA’s pro bono opportunities, public service initiatives, and training programs. If you are a lawyer interested in giving back, Beyond the Billable is your one stop shop for everything public service.

  • Issue Spot

    Issue Spot is the public policy blog of the Boston Bar Association.

    We focus on issues relating to access to justice and legal advocacy in a variety of forums including the state and federal courts.

  • Boston Bar Journal

    The Boston Bar Journal is an online quarterly publication of the Boston Bar Association. It presents timely information, analysis, and opinions to more than 12,000 lawyers in nearly every practice area by authors ranging from attorneys to judges and others interested in the development of the law.

  • Voices of the Bar

    Voices of the Bar is a weekly snapshot of our members’ tips, memorable moments and insights into the day to day life of being a lawyer

Section Blogs

Past Blogs

  • Tipping the Scales

    Tipping the Scales is devoted to providing leadership insights and practical information to readers.

  • Dacier’s Take

    Dacier’s Take is the blog of BBA Past President President Paul Dacier, General Counsel and Vice President of EMC. Get Paul’s take on the the law, Boston’s legal community, his time as President, and much more.